The kitchen is a complicated place with complicated problems. You knew that.

Celebrate atelier

The process of making should be celebrated. Because producing something yourself on a small scale means you are completely in control of the supply chain, the making process and its story.

Great coffee makes great chutney

Before we can make a great chutney, we have to create a culture where excellence is expected. Surrounding ourselves with it seemed like a reasonable start - energised team of suppliers, farmers and producers. The most opinionated and expensive kitchen tools we could afford. And yes, a coffee machine to make a great cup of the dark stuff made with the finest coffee beans we could buy. Next on the list, a team that puts the team first.

Our unfair advantage is that we can make

Most companies design and then get someone else to make it. But when you make, you learn how to make better. You learn to tinker. You learn to prototype. So, you learn to perfect. We are able to make because of a piece of utter good fortune — mum as a brilliant cook-mentor and my luck to learn at Le Cordon Blue (Paris) and train in Michelin starred kitchens in London/Paris.


We are constantly confronted with a trivialised sensory world largely the product of banal commercialisation. The makers of that world aim for safe sensations, selling experiences with which their target group can immediately identify. As a result, the individual’s imaginative ability is levelled off to become the same for everyone. The senses are blunted. Ok. That got a bit dramatic. Sorry about that.

Our goal, in short, is to keep your senses keen. If you pay attention you can follow the seasons in our products. After all, nothing is exactly the same unless it comes off a factory conveyor belt.

A sentiment by Mum

Be great at what you do and tomorrow, do your best again.